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Take notes and write things down

You’re not going to remember it. It doesn’t matter what it is. Unless you only need it for a short period of time you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t write it down. Maybe it’s a phone number or a name or a simple task.... read more

After Action Reviews – Do Them

If we do not study our mistakes we will only be surprised when we repeat them. This is why after action reviews are so important. No project goes exactly as planned. This can be a difficult exercise if you or members of your team do not have a clear understanding of... read more

The Secret Sauce for a Great Product

So you think you’ve come up with the secret sauce for your product, huh? Well, until you can find a way to replicate it and reproduce it without the need to be present you don’t have much. Imagine if only one guy could make the special sauce for a big Mac.... read more

Why will I pre-order my Apple Watch on April 10th

Firstly, I’m an Apple geek. I’ve owned over 20 Apple products and don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon. The greatest thing about a new Apple product is that the more products you own, the more valuable they become! Since all Apple products ‘talk’ to each other... read more

Where do we go from here? Market Research

Who is the customer? Is it the parents? Is it the insurance company? Is it the Government? I don’t know and that is frustrating. I know I want the device to be in the hands of every parent that needs it and I feel like every parent needs it. But how to I enter into a... read more

Starting off the Quarter with a Pitch

The quarter is off to a great start and I have already been featured on the front page of the UCLA Daily Bruin (pictured left). UCLA Anderson partnered with CES this year to host speakers on campus.  The event was a great way to start the year and the portion of my... read more

How Brook’s law is killing my Google Doc experience.

Brook’s law basically states that for each new member added to a team, the lines of communication increase by a factor greater that 1. The equation is n*(n-1)/2. This means that my team of 6 has 15 possible lines of communication. That is a lot of lines! We... read more

Enterprise Education attracts Millennials

Millennials want to be creative, innovative, and ethical. How does an organization attract the top-talent in the competitive job-market it is currently faced with? An Enterprise Education program is an investment in the development of employees and demonstrates an... read more

Social Learning and Social Media

Social Learning occurs when knowledge is acquired through communication.  More precisely, it is the act of communicating to seek information. Social Media is the communication of text, pictures,videos, and all forms of information over a network or channel. Employees... read more

I have an idea … now what?

I can talk about a new idea,  a new technology, or a futuristic forecast for hours.  The subject of where technology will be in the future invigorates me.  Most of my ideas sound crazy.  For instance: Google is going to take over the car industry: First, they will buy... read more
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