Discount or Give Back?

Discounts work, but social giving is creating interesting phenomenons in the marketplace. Who knows how to generate the greatest social good with a donation? Is it a company with a 10% donation policy or is it the customer who can put the money to use in other ways? Which plan generates the largest profits for a company? That’s a big question these days. It won’t take you long to find a Tom’s poser who is donating profits or giving units away in the hopes of pulling at a customer’s heart strings. I sound cynical, but unfortunately this has become a marketing tactic for some brands who have run the math and understand that even with lower margins, the higher volumes linked to social giving create a more profitable business.

National Parks Service

So what do we do with our Amazon store? Jordan is leaning toward donating a portion of profits to the National Parks Service. He immediately took the high ground in the argument because he knows we both feel passionately about that organization. I have a backpack full of patches to prove it. If you need more evidence, Enterprise has a Ford Expedition with the smell of me and my dog burned into the upholstery (We drove cross country visiting as many parks as we could.)

How Do You Amazon?

I don’t believe Amazon customers shop in a way that promotes social giving. My mother pointed out the Amazon Smile program, but I’m still convinced Amazon shoppers follow this hierarchy when evaluating products after a search.

  • Price (Is it a good deal?)
  • Prime (Is shipping fast and free?)
  • Reviews (Is it going to work?)

Early Adopter Bias

I buy A LOT of things on Amazon. I was one of the early adopters of Amazon Fresh. They have done a great job of listening to feedback and improving that part of their business (The new bags are very well built.) I also know that as an early adopter I am not in the majority. If you feel inclined to offer your opinion on the matter I would love to hear your feedback. Please email me here with your opinion. Should we offer customers the best discount, or charge a premium and donate profits to the National Parks Service?

Next Steps: It turns out a domain name isn’t necessary and we can funnel customer relations through Amazon with our current email addresses. We still need to agree on a username for Instagram and are leaning towards @AmericanProductsNow. I know it’s long, but…so what. Jordan will setup the Amazon store and I’ll get started on IG ads and posts for our stickers. Here we go!

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