Twitter Newsletter Client: Product Idea

Twitter needs to do something to help grow it’s user base. There is a key problem that pushes users away.

Following Too Many People

When users follow too many people their feed gets messy. If a user tweets an average of 3 times per day and you follow 100 people that equates to 300 tweets per day. To simplify the issue let’s assume those tweets are evenly posted between 9am and 8pm (11 hours) and that you check your twitter feed once per hour. That means you need to read 27 tweets each time you open your feed. This seems very manageable considering their only 140 characters each. Things get out of control quickly though as you add more followers. When you follow 500 users you need to process 135 tweets per hour. If you follow 1,000 users you need to process 270 tweets per hour.

If you follow 1,000 users and only check your feed every 4 hours, you need to process over 1,000 tweets per session! Spending 2 seconds per tweet means you need to dedicate nearly 40 minutes per session. Who has time for that?

Filter The Feed

Twitter feeds need to be more organized. Most of the tweets in my feed include links to other content. These links are great because the people I follow become my news filter. These tweets should be filtered out of the feed and consolidated into a newsletter section. This would take the twitter feed back 10 years (happy birthday Twitter) to a time when it was mostly conversations.

When tweets with links are separated into their own section you can consolidate and rank them. This is a feature I would love to see Tweetbot implement or even Twitter themselves.

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