I love working on projects. Each weekend I spend most of my time playing around with some code or crafting something cool in the wood shop. It’s incredible that a person can go from idea to App Store in a few days. That’s what I try to do with most of my App projects on this page. Once I have an idea for a simple tool, game, or utility I take some time to scope it out and then start coding it. They may not be perfect, but they are on available for you to enjoy. If you have feedback or something you think I should build, please let me know. If it’s not an app than my project is probably something crafted in the wood shop. My latest creation are Thought Blocks. I am always reaching for a gadget to fiddle with and find that these blocks help me focus on what’s important instead of distracting me like most other toys / gadgets do.


  • Rain Drop – iOS (coming soon)

A weather app that only shows the weather where you are. No searching, no forecasts, just the weather for today.

  • Greater Than – iOS / Apple Watch (coming soon)

Will it be greater or equal to 5? You have a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly. It’s not about skill. It’s all about luck. Choose a side and see how many correct guesses you can get in a row.

  • Mathematics+ – iOS (Free)

A simple fun dose of mathematics. In a world filled with automation it is still important and valuable to understand and be able to perform basic math problems quickly in your head. Mathematics+ provides the quick practice sessions you need to stay sharp.

  • BAC Calculator – iOS / Apple Watch (99 cents)

Calculate your BAC with a few taps. Enter your weight and gender and tap to add a drink. The calculator does it’s magic and displays your current BAC level. The Apple Watch app runs independently of the iPhone.


  • Thought Blocks (Prices Vary)

Hand crafted wooden blocks. They feel great in your hand and help you focus on your thoughts instead of distracting you with tech. Each Thought Block is one of a kind and made to order. Email me if you would like a block of your own.